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The weCATALOG is an exclusive free-to-use online members’ portal for members to create barcodes, manage and maintain their products information in a single location.
Benefits for using weCATALOG
Manage barcodes creation (GTIN):
  • Ensures that your GS1 barcodes are accurately created and accepted by trading partners worldwide.
  • It provides step by step instruction to create accurate barcode for to your product.
  • It allows you to keep track and manage your product information.
  • Enables creation of barcode numbers for new product quickly and accurately
  • Create, manage and print barcode label including GTIN-13 and ITF-14 based on required symbol size.
Manage global location number (GLN):
  • Enable your company to allocate global location number (GLN) to branch, warehouse or any physical location which needs a GLN.
Manage Product information:
  • Enables retailers or buyers to source for your products using the product listing.
  • Allows pictogram of the products to be uploaded for product authentication. (refer to fee structure for product images upload)
  • Allows approved trading partners to obtain and exchange product information.
  • Able to import or export product information via excel.
  • Basic information about your product will be publicly available through the portal's search function and GS1 GEPIR.
  • Simple-to-use and web-based application ensures that you can access it anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • All information is stored securely within GS1 weCATALOG database by GS1 Singapore and we do daily back-ups.
Fee structure for product image upload:
  • weCATALOG is free-to-use for all GS1 Singapore registered members for creating barcodes, uploading product information and data exchange among trading partners.
  • There will be separate charges for uploading of product image(s) in weCATALOG as follows:

    S$8.00 per image upload

    The more images you upload, the more rebates you earn!

    No. of images uploads accumulated per year

    Rebates earned^

    0 - 99

    S$0.00/image upload

    100 – 299

    S$1.00/image upload

    300 – 599

    S$2.00/image upload

    600 and more

    S$3.00/image upload

    ^Refer to terms and conditions for more details on rebates scheme

Who can use weCATALOG?
  • Any company that wish to participate in weCATALOG must be a registered member of GS1 Singapore.
For more information about weCATALOG, you may contact us at contact@gs1.org.sg.